About us

Our story

For over 30 years, Idea Tessile Srl has created young women’s fashionable and quality knits. By weaving fine and innovative yarns, we meet the most challenging requests.

We believe in the value brought in by the Made in Italy and, more specifically, Made in Carpi manufacturing which means research, quality and style.

With dedication and skills, we make in-house production and comply with premium quality standards and punctuality.

Tubolar and piquè jacquard knit stitches0%
Perforated stitches0%
Embossed stitches0%
Links stitches0%

Our knitted stitches

With our refined and innovative yarns, we can meet our customers’ needs.

We believe in the value brought in by the Made in Carpi‘s Italian manufacturing which quality, accuracy and charm.


Our machinery

Our production cycle is mostly made inside the factory, from design, to programming and knitting.

Our production department comprises 10 Jumberca units for F5 – F7 – F10 – F12 gauges.

Clothes are made in outsourced, selected laboratories.

Made in Carpi with love